Marshall Ruffin is a Georgia based guitarist, songwriter, and singer.

Ruffin has recorded two E.P.s under the Lagrange GA label Jammates, Rich Man’s Dime (2007) and Morning Glory (2009). He also wrote and recorded an E.P. with the band King Lincoln, and is the featured vocalist on five others with collaborator Alex Gordon Hi-Fi.

Ruffin has performed and recorded as the guitarist and backing vocalist for Lonnie Holley, with whom he recently toured Europe. His song Light The Way was featured during their session in London at BBC Radio 6.

Ruffin was the winner of the 39th Eddie’s Attic Songwriter Shootout in 2013.

Ruffin has performed gospel music at COGIC and AME churches in Georgia.

Copies of Ruffin’s new live album (At The Grocery), recorded at the Atlanta venue Grocery On Home, are available at live performances.

Live At The Grocery

In March of 2014, Ruffin recorded a series of live performances at Grocery On Home.

The Grocery is an intimate house concert performance space curated by Matt Arnett in Atlanta, GA. The bottom floor of the once grocery store on Home avenue is perpetually filled with a rotating collection of eclectic American art and supportive audiences excited to experience original music in such a special setting.

About his performances there, Ruffin says, “It’s me with an acoustic guitar, recorded with one microphone, in one room, with maybe a hundred people, playing…the most recent batch of material that was suited to be performed by myself in that way.”

Corrie Ladd is the Atlanta based artist who collaborated with Ruffin on the art design and hand stamped each albums artwork. About that process, while in the midst of it, she says “I think from a personal standpoint I appreciate things that are hand made and have that look, and that you know someone took the time, much like we’re doing now, to make something unique for the consumer, rather than something mass produced. There’s something really beautiful about that.”

“Every cover is hand stamped” Ruffin continues, “so they’re all going to be a little different. And the songs the we recorded are just…that’s just how those songs ended up sounding that night. So it’s pretty straightforward. How it tooks is how it looks, how its sounds is how it sounded. It’s just a snapshot… one that I’m happy to have made and am looking forward to sharing, not only in gratitude with the people who were there, but also with anyone who wasn’t but wants to know roughly what is was like. That’s what a snapshot is, an attempt to capture an experience that can’t quite fit into a frame, but hopefully becomes something else, valuable in it’s own right.”

The record was digitally released in early 2015.


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